The 2023 Alberta Wellness Summit, a CDA, ADA, and CDSA joint convention, will take place June 15-17 at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre and Fairmont Palliser. We welcome the entire dental community to join us: dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and all other team members.

This year's Keynote Speaker is professor Timothy Caulfield. He is an unrivaled communicator who debunks myths and assumptions about innovation in the health sector - from research on stem cells to diets to alternative medicine - for the benefit of the public and decision makers.

We are pleased to introduce you to this year's newest event at the Alberta Wellness Summit, the Wellness Expo. It will facilitate dynamic connections between delegates and industry partners through various exhibits, as well as offer robust wellness topics presented throughout two days of the Summit.

Along with social events such as the Keynote Speaker Reception and CDSA Awards Luncheons, join us for the 2023 Friday Evening Mixer where we will officially launch the Alberta Dental Association. The Crown Gala will return on Saturday, June 17 with proceeds benefitting the Alberta Dental Foundation which improves access to care for underserved and lower-income Albertans.

We look forward to having you join us at the 2023 Alberta Wellness Summit!

Delegate Registration is Now Open!

Conference registration includes admission to open sessions, limited attendance workshops (additional cost & pre-registration required), as well as entrance to the Wellness Expo with exhibitors and a stage hosting hourly presentations focused on overall wellness. In addition, there are a variety of social events available to attend as well.

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Professor Timothy Caulfield
Keynote Speaker

Thursday June 15, 2023 - 7:30PM

Fairmont Palliser - Crystal Ballroom

Professor Timothy Caulfield is an unrivalled communicator who debunks myths and assumptions about innovation in the health sector - from research on stem cells to diets to alternative medicine - for the benefit of the public and decision-makers.

Wellness Expo

Friday, June 16 & Saturday, June 17 - 9AM - 5PM

Join us for a newly created Wellness Expo that will facilitate dynamic connections between delegates and industry partners through exhibits, as well as offer robust wellness topics onstage within the Wellness Expo.


AWS Speakers are comprised of industry leaders dedicated to physical, mental, and financial well-being, as well as clinical experts who will provide breakout sessions and inspiring keynotes.

Why the Alberta Wellness Summit?

The Alberta Wellness Summit was created when it was identified that there is a need for more wellness related learning opportunities to contribute to every day growth and to create a healthy dental community. It was identified that physical wellness, mental wellness, and financial wellness are all contributing factors to one's overall wellness, both in personal and work lives.

We all know that staying active is the best way to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know it can also improve your overall wellness and quality of life? Here are a few of the ways that taking care of your physical wellness can improve your overall wellness:

It's a natural mood lifter.
Regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Physical activity releases endorphins which create that "feel good sensation" you get after doing something physical. Most people notice they feel better once routine physical activity become a part of their lives.

It keeps you physically fit and able.
Without regular activity, your body slowly loses its strength, stamina and ability to function properly. Exercise increases muscle strength, which in turn increases your ability to do other physical activities.

Being more active can help you:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Boost your levels of good cholesterol
  • Improve blood flow (circulation)
  • Keep your weight under control
  • Prevent bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis

Most of us know how much better we feel when we keep physically healthy through diet, exercise and good sleep habits.

Mental Health affects out physical health is startling ways. Excessive anxiety, depression and stress can contribute to physical problems such as heart disease, ulcers, colitis, headaches and musculoskeletal problems. Anxiety and stress can also reduce the strength of the immune system, making people more vulnerable to condition ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Mental Wellness is the combination of:

  • How you feel about yourself, the world and your life
  • Your ability to overcome challenges
  • Your ability to build relationships with others and contribute to your communities
  • Your ability to achieve your goals at work and in life.

Financial health is the relationship of one's financial and economic resources with our physical, mental and social wellness.

Financial wellness comes with a deeper understanding of where you stand with money, emotionally and financially, developing concise and attainable goals, getting organized and implementing a manageable plan to move forward.

When you achieve financial wellness you:

  • Have control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances
  • Have the capacity to absorb a financial shock
  • Are on track to meet your financial goals
  • Have the financial freedom to make choice that allow you to enjoy life.


The Alberta Wellness Summit offers unparalleled access to Alberta's dental community, so be sure to align your organization with the annual Alberta Wellness Summit.


To ensure you receive all the investment benefits of sponsorship, please indicate your sponsorship intentions to Sarah Van Tassel at the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta by email at by February 28, 2023.


120 - 9th Ave SE


133 - 9th Ave SW


June 15 - 17, 2023